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Can everyone learn to dance Slow Bal?

Do you have two left feet, but you would like to kill it on the dancefloor? Do you struggle finding the rhythm of a tune, but are you aching to learn a new skill? Learning how to dance isn’t just good for you, you can learn it.

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How to give feedback and how to grow from it

Growing as a dancers requires giving and receiving feedback. Unfortunately we often see dancers blaming the other when something doesn’t work. In this article we talk about your growth mindset and how to give feedback to your partner.

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Slow Bal with Arnold, one of our students

Arnold has been dancing Slow Bal at Slowfeet Studio for a year and a half now and tells us what it was like to start this with swing dance and shares his experiences. His motto: if I can learn to dance, anyone can learn it. He also shares a few tips for beginning dancers.

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Dance shoes for Swing dancers

Dance shoes, I can’t have enough of them. In this article, you can read about things to consider when buying dance shoes. We also share a tip in how to make your own pair fit for the dancefloor. Hopefully you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

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