Where can you buy Swing dance shoes?

Your search for the perfect Swing dance shoes

Do you want to know where you can buy Swing dance shoes? Then we have some good news for you. There is a lot of choice nowadays. Online shops that sell swing dance shoes have been popping up like crazy the past five years. This is why we can now provide you with quite an extensive list on where you can buy your dance shoes.  Read the article ‘Dance shoes for Swing dancers‘ first if you’d like to know what you should pay attention to when you choose your perfect dance shoes.

Good to know: In The Netherlands I wear a shoe size 40 for 99% of all my shoes. I will let you know which size I ordered and how they fit.

This article was updated in March 2024.

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"If I ever let my head down, it will be to admire my shoes." Marilyn Monroe

My top 3 Swing dance shoes

You have at least 10 pairs of dance shoes, but you always wear the same ones. Sounds recognizable? Below you will find my personal top 3 of my favourite Swing dance shoes. I have danced many kilometers in them!

Rumpf Swing schoen


One of my favourite pair of dance shoes are from Rumpf (Rumpf Premium Line Damen Tanzschuhe 9210). They are very comfortable, the heel is not too high and I find them very pretty. I have a size 40,5 and they fit me perfect. I have completely worn down one pair, so I ordered a new pair, the same as I had before. I also bought the Rumpf Premium Line Damen Swingschuhe 9233 in blue. They also feel very comfy. 

Note, these shoes are not for outside dancing. The sole is made of suede. 


These are not custom made shoes like some of the other brands. However, the price is very reasonable. They go for about €115.


Madame Dynamite Swing

Madame Dynamite

This Spanish brand has beautiful shoes with different heels heights. The quality is good and they are very comfortable. A definate plus is that they also offer vegan options. I ordered a size 40 and they fit like a glove. Prices are around €150.


boun shoes

Boun' Shoes

I discovered this Italian brand on Instagram. They make beautiful shoes in both flat and heel versions. Personally I really like their Candy model in gold. I ordered a pair in size 40, and they are a good fite (even a little bit on the wide side).

If you use the special discount code deirdre10rott you will get 10% discount. The price: around €115.


swing dansschoenen dance

Other brands of Swing dance shoes

Of course I haven’t tried all the Swing dance shoes brands that are out there. Although I must admit that I come pretty close (help, shoe addiction?). There are definately more shoe companies that are worth exploring. 

Harlem shoes swing

Harlem Shoes

I have two pair of Harlem Shoes (size 40); one of which I wear regularly. They are flat, sandal-like dance shoes that fit like a glove. At Harlem Shoes they custom make your shoes to your size. You can choose the colours, material and height of the heel, all to your own liking. 

The prices of these shoes are around  €130. They also make boots, which are a little bit more expensive.


Saint Savoy

Saint Savoy Shoes

This brand is around for a while now and Oh LaLaa, how I would love to have a pair of their beauties in my collection. I once owned a pair of Saint Savoys, but they kept giving me blisters. So I decided to sell them and make someone else happy. Their shoes are beautiful and the quality is very good. They could give you years of dance pleasure. I big downside (for me at least), is the pricing. Most Saint Savoys cost around €230.


Slide and Swing shoes

Slide & Swing

Another great Spanish Swing shoe supplier with a collection of dance shoes with low or high heels is Slide & Swing. I’ve noticed they now make more ‘boots’, which are not really my thing, but very popular among Lindy Hoppers. The ones I own with a heel (left side) are in size 40. It’s a good fit. I also have a flat pair in size 39. Also a good fit. 

They regularly have a sale, which makes the price a lot more attractive. Normally a pair costs around €150. Also nice: they have some beautiful accessories. 




The Portuguese brand Swivells mostly sells flat dance shoes and sandals (some with a heel). I don’t own a pair, so there is not that much I can tell you about these shoes. For some reason, they look more like regular shoes than dance shoes (to me). The prices of Swivellss are around €180.


Swivells shoes swing

Swingz Begona Cervera

Spain is apparently the hotspot for Swing dance shoes, because the Swingz brand is also located here. I have the M31 star ( in the picture) in size 40.5. They are a bit too big, so I could have gotten a size smaller. I have another pair, M37 in size 41, they are really too big (unfortunately).

Right now the M36 is beckoning me (oh oh, shoe addiction).
Prices are around €165.


AllegaGreen volare

Volare Luxury Dance Shoes

Volare Shoes has been around for a few years now. The company is based in the US and sells the handmade shoes through Etsy. You can view all models on their own website. The price: €215.

Unfortunately I can’t say anything about how they fit, because I don’t own a pair myself.

Please note, you will probably pay a lot of import costs, because the shoes come from outside the EU.


groovy fox

Groovy Fox

While updating this article (Nov 2022), I decided to do a quick Google search to see if I wasn’t overlooking some new cool shoes. And that’s how I ended up with this Bulgarian brand. They have flats and heeled versions. They look nice, I think. For example the model here on the left.

The price is around € 130 (and shipping costs to NL around € 16)


SuAli Swing Shoes

SuAli Swing Shoes

In 2023, someone gave me that tip about SuAli Swing Shoes. It is an Italian brand and they can also be found at Italian dance events. I don’t have a pair of shoes from this brand yet, so unfortunately I can’t tell you how they fit. They have boots as well as more open dance shoes with a heel. Also, they have a vegan pair (yeey!). The shoes are handmade, so even though the sizing on the website only goes to size 40, you can contact them to order shoes in your size. You can also choose the colours the way you like it! 

Prices are around 155 euro, some a bit cheaper, some a bit more expensive. 


swing it dance shoes

Swing It Shoes

At the Berlin Balboa Festival 2024 I discovered Swing It Shoes. They are originally from Poland and seem to have been in the shoe business for a while now. They have shoes for both men and women. At the festival I noticed they have a lot of flat models (the Vivien sandal), which is cute. I don’t think you can choose your own colors, so you have to choose from what they offer. 

What I like is that they also have some real nice vintage style clothing. They can be found at quite some festivals, so if you want to try on the shoes, check out the calendar on their website 

Prices are ranging from 145 to 175 euro depending on the model



aris allen shoes

Aris Allen

My first pair of dance shoes was from the Aris Allen; an American brand. The price of these shoes are quite low: around 50 to 90 dollar. It sounds cheap, but please consider that you also have to pay transport and import fees (at least in The Netherlands). The quality is also not very good, although I must admit that my pair did last three years or so.


all heels on duty

All Heels On Duty

The shoes of this company are made for World War II re-enactment. They offer very solid looking Oxford shoes in different colors. Thanks to the hard leather soles they are also suitable for Swing dancers. The price is around 165 pound.


Keds swing


A dance sneaker that is often worn by swing dancers are the ones from Keds. I have also worn several pairs myself. They are comfortable and you can easily stick duct tape or a sole underneath (see the article Dance shoes for swing dancers). If you dance regularly you will see that they wear out quickly. I bought a new pair at least once a year. You buy them from various online stores and the price is around €50.


toms dans schoenen


Officially not a Swing dance shoe (as far as there is such a thing), but you see Toms more and more in the Swingscene. Especially Lindy Hoppers wear them. They are lightweight shoes that close around the foot and seem to be very comfortable. I don’t like them very much myself (sorry), so never tried them. You buy them for approx €50.


Final tip: Vinted

Dance shoes can be quite expensive. If you want to save some money, check out Vinted or another second hand platform. I’ve seen some real pretty ones come by for around 70 or 80 euro’s! 

It's up to you!

I hope that this article has helped you on your way in your search for (new) swing dance shoes. There is a lot of choice, and of course you can also choose to keep dancing in your ‘normal’ shoes.

Anyway, good luck finding your perfect pair!

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