Can everyone learn to dance Slow Bal?

Do you have two left feet, but you would like to kill it on the dancefloor? Do you struggle finding the rhythm of a tune, but are you aching to learn a new skill? Learning how to dance isn’t just good for you, you can learn it. Because dancing is just like walking, but then you use the music to place your steps. At Slowfeet Studio we would of course recommend you try Slow Bal, because yes, Slow Bal is for everyone. Read more to find out how!


Practice makes perfect

As with many things in life ‘practice makes perfect’ is a saying that also goes for Slow Bal. Maybe you have never danced before, maybe you have never learned how to dance or perhaps dancing is something you only do when your blood alcohol levels are through the roof. But dancing is much like learning how to drive: it’s a skill and the more you practice, the better you will become at it. In short, the more your practice, the more lessons you take, the better a dance you will become.

student dance concentration
Paying attention to the teacher in full attention.

Dance your dance

What can help you to learn how to dance is to find a dance that works for you. Often people have an idea of what dancing is supposed to be like. What is great about swing dances like Slow Bal is that ‘what it is supposed to be like’ matters far less than with many other dances. There is room for creating your own style. Some of the best swing moves were created by people on the dance floor. So who knows? Maybe you can add yours to the repertoire. Slow Bal is a great dance if you are looking for a dance to slow jazz music.

Rhythm is a Dancer

About those rhythmic skills: did you know all people are born with a sense of rhythm? You just need to learn to unlock yours. The classes at Slowfeet Studio can help you with that. So forget about all the misconceptions about rhythm and musicality: you are never too old to learn. What’s more, Slow Bal is by far one of the best dances to learn when you are coming of age. Since we dance to slow jazz music, there is no room for acrobatic shenanigans on the dance floor.

After practising we give each other a high five.

Motivation is key

Finally we would like to address what appears to be the biggest hurdle for people when they want to dance but don’t know how: but what if everyone is watching me? The biggest difference between dancing Slow Bal and dancing on a table after a few drinks is that at a Slow Bal event everyone is dancing. We encourage creating this inclusive feeling during the lessons. At Slowfeet Studio we create a safe space to practice and receive feedback for your level of dancing skills.

Find your rhythm at Slowfeet Studio

Have you always wanted to learn how to dance? Our new block of lessons starts on 28 April and Sunday 24 April we are organising a beginner’s workshop. This way you can test the waters and see if dancing is for you. Can’t make it? Don’t fret because new lessons start every September, January and April and we often organise workshops in between. For more suggestions, view our offerings here. See you on the dance floor!

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