Slow Bal is an elegant and playful swing dance to slow jazz music. Join our weekly classes, workshops, or have a dance at one of our parties. 

Weekly dance lessons

Our Slow Bal courses start in January, April and September.


Register for one of our three Slow Bal levels. A course lasts 12 weeks.

Dance workshops & events

Check out when the next Slow Bal workshops and dance parties are scheduled.

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Sign up for the next Slow Bal dance workshops, or come to one of our parties.

Private lessons

During a private lesson we focus on what you want to learn, based on your dance level.

Private lessons and first dance

Private lessons are perfect to learn a first dance for your wedding, if you are nervous about your first dance lesson or when you want to progress faster.
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Slowfeet Studio is all about having fun on the dance floor. During the dance lessons you will learn how to connect with your dance partner. You will also learn moves and techniques with which you can improvise to the music during parties and social dances. Would you like to try Slow Bal before registering for a course? Take a look at our events. We often give a beginners workshop there. Register with or without a partner!

Upcoming events

13 January 2023: Slow Bal in De Doelen Studio (+ workshop)

De Doelen Rotterdam Slow Bal

Join the Slow Bal beginners workshop at the beginning of the evening. Afterwards we dance the night away in Club Key in the Doelen Studio.

22 January 2023: Slow Bal Sunday in Jazzcafé Dizzy

Slow Bal dansen Dizzy Rotterdam

Come by for a perfect Sunday afternoon with drinks and dances. There will also be a 20 minute mini training for all dancers! And it’s our 4 year anniversary, so there will be cake!

17 February 2023: Slow Bal in De Doelen Studio (+ workshop)

Slow Bal in De Doelen Rotterdam

Take your first Slow Bal steps during a short crash course. The rest of the night we dance in the always cozy and fun Doelen Studio. 

Want to learn Slow Bal? Take a trial lesson!

The fun of Slow Bal starts with your very first dance steps. Slow Bal is a playful and elegant dance that you dance close to each other. It’s about following and leading, connecting with your partner and improvising to the music. Together with a dance partner you’ll have your own party on the dance floor.

Curious? Then sign up for a trial lesson!

It is possible to participate in the first lesson of a course as a trial lesson. No course starting any time soon? Have a look at our workshops and events. We often teach beginner workshops there.

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What our dancers say about Slowfeet Studio:

Social Dancing

We love a party. The moves and techniques you learn during the dance lessons can be put into practice during one of the swing dance parties in Rotterdam or beyond. Because believe us, Swing is everywhere! Go to the workshops and events page to check our upcoming events. Would you like an overview of all Swing parties in Rotterdam? Then go to the Roffaswing website.

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