Slow Swing Saturday Homecoming Edition

9 September 2023

Slow Swing Saturday: Homecoming Edition

The summer holidays are over, the days are getting shorter again. It’s time to pick up a new hobby, or to breathe new life into it.

That is why we are organizing a Slow Swing Saturday on Saturday, September 9, 2023, with the special theme this time: Homecoming. We’re back on the dance floor!

This Slow Bal dance day and evening is for anyone who would like to try out Slow Bal or brush up on their Slow Bal skills before the season starts again. It is for everyone who likes to meet new people and to dance again with your fellow dancers.

During Slow Swing Saturday we offer 3 Slow Bal dance workshops for different levels. To get to know each other better, there is an option to eat together before the party. In the evening there is a dance party!

The workshops

We offer various workshops for both dancers with Slow Bal experience and absolute beginners. You do not need your own dance partner to participate in one of the workshops or the dance party.


Absolute beginner Slow Bal Workshop

You’ve never danced Slow Bal before, but you think it would be fun to try it out. Perfect! In this workshop we teach you the basics of this beautiful swing dance and a few moves. This way you immediately have some material to shine with during the dance party after the workshop.

Homecoming workshop level 1

You have between 2 and 6 months of Slow Bal dance experience. You know the basics and a couple of moves, but it doesn’t hurt to refresh everything in your head. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then this is the workshop for you. We’re dusting off some well-known moves and giving you some new elements to vary with.

Homecoming workshop level 2

You have been dancing Slow Bal for a while, at least 6 months, and you are starting to get more and more space in your head and body for variations and musicality. In this workshop we will also brush up your Slow Bal knowledge a bit, and add some playful elements to expand your repertoire.

Slow Bal Party

Immediately after the absolute beginners workshop, the Slow Bal dance party starts. We dance all night long to slow jazz music (although we can’t guarantee we won’t throw in a faster song every now and then).

Dress code: a touch of gala

During the party we have a nice surprise for you!


Slow Bal is more than just dancing. We are also a community that you can be a part of if you want to. After the workshops (or before the beginners workshop) there is the possibility to eat together. We do that in cafe Barrio, near Cuartito Azul. For 25 euros you get a delicious menu (excluding drinks, which are at your own expense). Please book before 7 september. 

slow bal party rotterdam

The teachers

Deirdre and Joost

Deirdre (owner) and Joost are two permanent teachers of Slowfeet Studio. They share their knowledge and skills about Slow Bal with great passion and pleasure. They themselves fell in love with this slow swing dance years ago. Especially because Slow Bal is playful, gives a lot of room for styling and improvisation, and is very elegant at the same time.

Deirdre and Joost will teach Homecoming Workshop Level 2 and the Absolute Beginners Workshop.

Feel free to ask Joost and Deirdre to dance during the party. They love to dance with you!

Mark Balboa Klein
Beau dansles rotterdam

Beau and Mark

Beau and Mark have been part of the Slowfeet Studio team for over a year now. With her big smile, Beau knows how to steal the heart of every dancer and she knows how to put everyone at ease during class. Mark has extensive dance experience in various dance styles. He takes all that knowledge to the dance floor and in his classes.

Beau and Mark will teach Homecoming Workshop level 1.

Feel free to ask Beau and Mark for a dance during the party. Do they like it!


Slow Bal Homecoming Workshop level 1: 22,50 euro

Slow Bal Homecoming Workshop level 2: 22,50 euro

Absolute Beginners workshop (including party): 19,50 euro

Slow Bal Party: 10 euro

Diner: 25 euro excluding drinks. Book before the 7th of september with out registration form. 


14.00 – 15.30 hr: Slow Bal Homecoming Workshop level 1

16.00 – 17.30 hr: Slow Bal Homecoming Workshop level 2

17.30 – 19.00 hr: Diner (optional)

19.00 – 20.30 hr: Absolute Beginners workshop Slow Bal

20.30 – 24.00 hr: Slow Bal Party


The entire program takes place in one location, so both the workshops and the dance party:

Cuartito Azul
Schoterbosstraat 17
3032 CN Rotterdam

About a 15-minute walk from Rotterdam Central Station.
Parking near Cuartito Azul is possible (paid parking)

Iris leading during a Slow Swing Saturday workshop


Registration is OPEN! Register with or without a dance partner. During the workshops we rotate partners. 

Slow Swing Saturday Homecoming Edition takes place in: