Slow Solo Jazz Workshop

15 October 2023 | Studio Swing in Rhythm

Slow Solo Jazz Workshop

With all the fun we are having in our Slow Solo Jazz Mini Course, we decided to continue the journey with a workshop!
In this 1,5 hour workshop we will work on your personal expression as a dancer. We will find different ways to execute moves and to really dance them. We will end the lesson with a short choreography. 
We specialize in dancing to slow jazz music. Dancing slow requires quite some skill in balance, muscle control and filling up the space between the beats. It’s a perfect practice, whether you normalle are a slow or fast dancer!
This workshop is for all levels. No Slow Bal or Swing dance experience needed. 
Good to know:
After the workshop, from 16.00 till 19.00 hr, we have our Slow Jazz social in Jazzcafe Dizzy. So if you want to continue dancing, join us for a drink and dance there! The event is free! Click here for more info. 
jazz dance workshop
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Practical info:

Date: Sunday the 15th of October

Time: 14.00 – 15.30 hr

Location: Studio Swing in Rhythm, Willem Buytewechstraat 34, Rotterdam

Registration: Please register here

Price: 17,50 euro

Teacher: Deirdre