Slow Bal Flash Moves

22 July 2023

Slow Bal Flash Moves

We’re going to slide, float and spin! Mike and Natalia have developed cool and flashy moves for Slow Bal especially for us. Of course these moves are also super useful in your Blues and slow Lindy Hop!

In two workshops Natalia and Mike teach you everything you need to perform flashy and fancy dance moves in a comfortable and safe way. They discuss different techniques that also require a different degree of strength that you need to perform the moves. Also useful if you want to add even more floating and swirling moves to your dance repertoire in the future!

The workshops

The workshop is divided into 2 hour parts with a 30 min break in between. You can join both parts or just one, but of course if you want to expand your dictionary you should consider doing both 😉

Part I — “It’s All About Them Legs 
Flash moves with minimal weight support

– Scorpion Kicks

– The Butterfly


Part II — “Lean On Me”
Flash moves with med-full weight support

– The Windmill 

– The Swirl

Mike and Natalia Flashy Moves


During the party we go slow, but don’t think you won’t shed a drop of sweat! Slow dancing will be the theme of the evening, with both Bluesy and Jazzy tunes from our DJ’s AND our live band! We are part of North Sea Around Town in Jazzcafe Dizzy. So it’s going to be a great party!

Machinist gemaskerd bal rotterdam

Your teachers

Mike Sonder Slow Swing Saturday


Mike has taught dance in over 20 countries. At the moment he teaches Lindy Hop, solo Jazz and different styles of Blues.

Mike combines his knowledge of music, functional anatomy, life and a variety of dance forms to create classes that uniquely enlighten, inspire and challenge. Mike tries to put himself in the shoes of his students so that he can teach intuitively. Seeing his students’ eyes light up when they understand a concept or a certain movement falls into place is what makes him happy.

Natalia Rueda - Dancing


Natalia started teaching swing dancing in 2005 at the Ottawa Swing Dance Society in Canada. Soon after, she co-founded Ottawa’s first dedicated Swing school, Swing Dynamite, where she taught and mentored students and faculty for 8 years. Since then, Natalia has been a senior instructor at dance schools in Montreal and Vancouver (Canada); in Phoenix (US); and also in Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Utrecht (Netherlands).

She specializes in teaching Balboa, Slow Bal, Lindy Hop, Charleston and solo Jazz. She also has expertise in a variety of dance styles including Blues, Collegiate Shag and West Coast Swing.


Workshop part I: 35 euro
Workshop part II: 35 euro
Combi deal Workshop part I and II: 65 euro

Party in Dizzy with live music: 10 euro

Level description:

The workshops are made for Slow Bal / Slow Jazz, but you don’t necessarily have to be able to dance Slow Bal to participate in these workshops. You can also participate with dance experience in other Swing dances, such as Lindy Hop, Blues and Balboa. It is necessary to have at least 6 months of dance experience. The flash moves workshops are not suitable for absolute beginners.

Mike and Deirdre Slow Bal


Below you will find the schedule of the workshops and party:

12.30 – 14.30 hr: Flash moves Part I: It’s all about them legs

14.30 – 15.00 hr: Break

15.00 – 17.00 hr: Flash moves Part II: Lean on me

19.30- 23.00 hr
: Slow Bal Party with live music in Dizzy


The workshops take place in: 
De Toneelgarage
Dunantstraat 14 C, Rotterdam

The party takes place in:
Jazzcafe Dizzy
‘s-Gravendijkwal 127, Rotterdam

It takes about 15 minutes walking between the two locations.

dansen feestje swing rotterdam


Registration is OPEN!
You can register online until Friday 21 July 2023. After that, we will close the registration for the workshops and the party. So make sure you register on time!

Please note: to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, we work with permanent partners in this workshop. If you want, you can form a small group with other couples and rotate within that group. So sign up with a permanent dance partner. Both partners must complete their own form!

Slow Bal Flash Moves takes place in:

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