Slow Bal Weekend

23-25 June 2023 | Hamburg (Germany)

Slow Bal Weekend in Hamburg

Slowfeet Studio will travel to Hamburg, Germany, for a fun Slow Bal Weekend organized by Balboa Factory !
Start your wonderful Slow Bal weekend with the “Friday Shuffle” on Friday, June 23rd and take part in the Slow Bal taster course with our wonderful trainer couple Deirdre & Mark from Rotterdam. Saturday and Sunday we continue with the workshop. There will be two levels. Let’s Go Slow!
Beginner (basic)
This level is for all dancers who are new to Slow Bal. It’s important that you feel comfortable in a closed connection (chest to chest), as this is a characteristic of the dance. In this level you will learn the basic steps and first figures and you will get a feeling for rhythm and tight pair dance.
Intermediate/Intermediate Plus :
You should have good knowledge of Slow Bal followed several Slow Bal workshops. Basic steps and variations are known and figures such as the  ‘Slow Out’ and ‘Swivels’ are familiar to you. This level is about musicality and improvisation in a closed and open dance position as well as a deepening of “feeling and flow”.
Want to know more about this weekend?
Please check out the website of the organizers, and register there!
Deirdre International Slow Bal